I don’t really know when your birthday is, so I baked you a cake now and you can pretend it’s your birthday today because if you waited until it was your birthday it would probably go bad and give you an upset tummy and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

It’s almost the end of the year and I don’t really think we’ll see each other after school ends since we won’t share a common room anymore. This is only half your birthday(?) present, but my owl is two small to carry both parcels. Val says it’s because it can’t handle too much above its own weight since it has to fly long distances. I didn’t really understand what she meant since your room is not really that far away from mine, but he knows best. How about we hang out in Hogsmeade this weekend and I can give you the other half? 

I read somewhere today that apparently “roar” is I love you in dinosaur, but then Val says that dinosaurs always roar. Does that mean they’re constantly saying I love you to each other? That’s so sweet, don’t you think?

Anyway. Happy (early/late) birthday, Andy!


♥ Freya.

Thanks sh-Freya, nice of you to have even thought about baking a cake for me. And yeah, you’re right, I’ll be eating it later today after I finish some work. Guess I should be getting something for your birthday too, yeah? 

Crazy right? We’re graduating so soon but yeah, guess we won’t be seeing each other much after we graduate. Got plans for what you’re going to be doing? Only half? You didn’t have to go through this trouble for me but means a lot. Thanks for doing all this, you’re a sweet one even if you can be frustrating at times. Sounds like a plan to me and drinks, meals whatever will be on me of course since you got me a present and all. 

Random. I heard that too, I guess they are. And yeah, Freya, it is pretty sweet. 

See you this weekend, 

Andy S. 

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Guess our time here’s almost up.

Sad to think about but should look at the future, yeah?

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Well now I know how girls get everything they want


This week has been an experience and a bit, but now I am bored of this. Everyone I go to cross my arms these things get in the way. Ridiculous.

Oh another note I  am currently dying this new long hair five different colours. Going to be epic I think.

Don’t tend to cross my arms a lot so haven’t noticed how annoying they are yet. Except they suck when you try to run, hurts loads. No idea how all these former sheilas coped with it. 

Why not all the colors if you’re going to go for five? Best to try them all right? Wonder if the colors will stay when you change back. 

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Oh, is that you, Andy? Of course it is - no one else calls me sheila! I do think I can pull of this short bowl cut quite nicely, don’t you? Hehe. You turned out to be gorgeous! Oh gosh that hair and those lashes.. and those eyes! But that’s not really saying anything because you still have your Boy-Andy eyes and they’ve always been nice. That’s a great idea! Hopefully Slick won’t think that this mysterious man stole the special treats from Princess. I knew I should’ve given him a special code word for a situation like this - I just knew it!

Yea, sheila, you got it right. Knew it was you right away when you mentioned Slick Rick and you kind of look like yourself? Sort of not really. Yeah, you do, sheila, looks good on you. Ha, thanks. I mean, I don’t know just turned out this way, everything is so much taller than I am now. It’s strange to have to reach for things that I didn’t have problems reaching before. How do you all deal with wearing bras everyday though? Thought I’d be used to it but it’s proving to be tiresome. Well, now you know what to do for later. Wonder if he’ll recognize me at all since I’ve still got the same eyes, yeah? But Slick Rick is a smart little bugger, he’ll probably recognize you. 

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No, I refuse to leave my bed.


Why? Because you came out looking like a girl when you opened your eyes? Don’t be wuss and make the most of it. You’re not going to be stuck like this forever.

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What in Marduk’s name.. whoever cooked up this little prank, a job well done! I applaud you but can you please turn me back? I just barely survived an attack by an otherwise loving chinchilla! Slick didn’t recognize me and gave me a run for my money when he didn’t see “me” in my bed.

Ah, sheila. Sucks don’t it? But sure it’ll pass over soon and then Slick Rick won’t chase you away from your bed then. Or I mean, you could do something, yeah? Like give him one of your special treats, something like that. To get him to recognize you and all that. Won’t be too hard. And you came out looking like a cute little man, sheila. 

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